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Sairat Full Movie Download

Sairat is a 2016  Marathi romantic drama movie. Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar played the lead roles in this movie.  The beautiful music composed by Ajay−Atul.In this movie, all songs are super hit. The screenplay was done by Nagraj Manjule, it is released on 29 April 2016.  Sairat is the most successful Marathi movie. This movie-making budget of 4 Cr. It has grossed around 110 Cr in the Box Office. This is a blockbuster hit Marathi movie.

The story of Archana is a college girl in a Maharashtra village, and the Parshaya, her spunky college mate, and the village cricket team’s captain. She is the spoilt daughter of the wealthy political kingpin in the village. She rides a motorbike to college and drives a tractor on her family’s sugarcane fields. He is the fisherman’s son, living on the outskirts of the village that divide its Dalit ghetto from the upper-caste neighborhood. The village appears in violence to keep the lovers apart and it follows them as they have gone to the city to build their lives together.

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Yad Lagla Ga Song

Yad Lagla Ga is a 2016 and The famous Marathi song is sung and lyricist by Ajay Gogavale and Ajay-Atul from the movie Sairat. The Sairat movie has 4 songs out of which the 1 song which is Yad Lagla Ga is mentioned in the top 10 listed in the year 2016. Below in these articles, you will find details about Yad Lagla Ga Video song and Lyrics.

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Yad Lagla Ga Song Lyrics:

Yad Lagla ga Yad Lagla ga

Rangla Tujhyat Yad Lagla ga

Vaas Hyo Usaat Yei Kasturicha

Chakhalya Vaar Gwad Lagl g

Chand Bhasto Disach Mawlaya Lagla

Aas Lagli Mannat Kalvaya Lagla…

Yad Lagla g Yad Lagla g

Rangla Tujhyat Yad Lagla g

Vaas Hyo Usaat Yei Kasturicha

Chakhalya Vaar Gwad Lagl g

Sangavna Bolavna Maan Jhurtaya Durun

Paltaya Taltaya Valtaya Maag Phirun

Sajla g Dhajl g Laaj Kaajla Saarl

Yendhal hey Gondhala la

Laad Laad Gael Harun

Bhalal Asa Urat Palvaya Laagl

Hey Oadh Lagli Manat Chalvaya Lagla

Yad Lagla ga Yad Lagla ga


Sulgana Ulgana Jaal Aatlya Aatlaa

Dukhn hey Dekhn g Eklach hay Saathila

Kajlila Ujal la Pajlun hya Vaatila

Chandnila Avtaan Dhadtuya Roj Ratilaaaa

Zoap Lagna Sapan Jagvaya Lagla

Pakhru Kasa Abhal Pangharaya Laglaaa..



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